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Track your life/score when playing Magic: The Gathering, or any other card and board games with Life Tracker for Playdate

This clean/simple app has the option of 1 or 2 player layout (selectable from the menu screen).

Playdate's size and memory screen makes it the perfect score keeper. The screen is only refreshed when increasing/decreasing numbers, so won't drain your battery like using a mobile phone would.

Simply use A button to increase number, and B to decrease.

In 2 player mode, use the left and right buttons decrease and increase Player One's points, and A and B buttons to decrease and increase Player Two's.

Version 1.3: Disabled the auto-lock to avoid the Playdate going to sleep when using Life Counter.

Version 1.2: Added some features after receiving some great feedback and suggestions.

  • Holding buttons increases numbers. No more having to tap!
  • Numbers start at 20, to help out Magic players.
  • Added 'Reset' option to menu which resets counters to 20.
  • Increased the size of numbers in 2 player mode.

Version 1.1: Updated control scheme in 2 player mode. Added inverted colour option (in menu).


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The downloaded file "LifeCounter.1.3.pdx.zip" shows as version 1.2 in the sideloader and on the device.

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Apologies. Just a typo on the filename. 1.2 is the latest version. Fixed now.