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Yoshimi Yahtzee is a fun dice game for the Playdate console.

The downloadable PDX runs on the Playdate itself or the simulator that comes with the Playdate SDK, on Windows, Linux and Mac.

I've added a few cool features :

  • Animated title screen.
  • A background pattern select in the menu screen.
  • Guide in the menu screen.

Version 1.3

  • Added Crank to roll!!
  • Scoring 63 or above in the top row gains you 35 bonus points. (was previously incorrectly set at 65).
  • Fixed bug where pressing B while writing your high score name would submit your name.
  • Added 'New Game' option in menu screen, for when you'd like to restart.
  • Changed buttonJustReleased to buttonJustPressed.

Version 1.2

  • Fixed issue with pdxinfo file.

Version 1.1 

  • Added a high score screen with Playdate's keyboard input and file backup.
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorYoshimi Games
Tags1-bit, Board Game, Dice, dice-game, Pixel Art, Playdate, Singleplayer, yahtzee


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This game is great! Only downside at the moment is, you can’t save you game, quit, and load later. When quitting the application, your game will restart. Thank you for you hard work!

My wife is addicted to this game! She wishes when you got a yahtzee though that there would be a celebratory jingle or graphic.

Deliciously addictive. I've filled the high score board with low to mid 300s and still play it several times a day.


Love this version of Yahtzee! Have been playing a bunch. A couple friendly suggestions: 

1. It'd be neat if there was a running total for the 'Counts', letting you know how close you are to getting over 63. Counting those totals up to keep track is sort of a drag. 

2. When selecting from the five dice you've rolled, I kept cycling to the far left or far right thinking that it'd loop to the other side - this would make selecting dice to hold so much quicker!

3. For beginners, I wonder if highlighting any of the potential scores you could select from your current dice roll would help teach folks what they all mean (e.g. you've rolled a 1, 2, 3, 4 and the Small Straight box is automatically highlighted). 

Great work!


I'm addicted to it, and it's the game I keep playing over and over. It's been years since I've played Yahtzee and love it in this format. It's so fun and thanks for making it!

I don't normally play yahtzee, but I've played this at least once every day since downloading it!

My main gripe is that sometimes I misselect a category, and end up assigning the dice to the wrong one. I think a confirmation would help a ton, especially when assigning 0 points. Or maybe a way to undo your last assignment?


This is so simple yet well implemented. I love it! While it’s pointless, a crank to roll feature might be neat.

Sadly, I want to let you know about a bug. Today I should have received the bonus (35 points for scoring 63 or more on the top line) but didn’t. My score was 2-4-12-12-15-18. I’ve never seen this happen before with any other combination that added up to 63. I have a screenshot but am away from WiFi at the moment.

Still, thank you for making this! It’s definitely my most played game on my playdate.

I just checked and I had it set at 65! The help screen said 65 too. But you're correct, it should be 63. Working on an update!

Thanks! Guess I didn’t pay attention the previous games.


I've spent an embarrassing amount of my first 24 hours as a Playdate owner playing this.

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This is so good! I'm absolutely hooked on it! That said, I also have a bug to report! When you're in the high score entry screen and the OS level keyboard comes up, if you press B to erase the last character you entered, it can submit your highscore before you've closed the keyboard. Not sure if this happens 100% of the time as I only misspelled my name once and I'm legitimately struggling to top my current scores. :P

Thanks! I haven't seen that bug on the simulator, but I'll test fully when my Playdate arrives next week.

Ahh, thanks so much! Hope you enjoy your device when you get it! If you're taking any feedback, I'd also super dig the option to have button presses trigger their behaviour on press rather than on release, but that's a nitpick! Seriously hooked on the game haha.


I'm playing this on my console and it's fantastic! Great lil simple yahtzee that works really well for the playdate, it's quickly becoming my number one time killer

Hey! Game is working great on my Playdate hardware. Noticed that I can't put more than a single Yahtzee on the scorecard like you can in the original game and I would love to see that added :D Should be 50pts for the 1st Yahtzee, 100pts for each additional, IIRC.

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Can't sideload via the website because `bundleId` is missing from pdxinfo file. Simply adding that value should allow it to be sideloaded :) I manually added it myself and it worked.


Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now.